Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, now live in a small farming village in Lower Austria. Married. 3 adult daughters. 2 granddaughters.

Independent software developer. Involved in one aspect or another of software development since 1966. Started developing software in 1966. Never looked back, I love the industry. Background encompasses C, Delphi (Object Pascal), assembler development, Java and PHP. Now learning Objective-C in preparation for developing for Apple’s multi-touch devices (currently iPhone and iPod Touch).

When not in front of a monitor I can be found with my wife (also a software developer and amateur photographer), with camera slung over my shoulder and tripod in my hand looking for something at which to point the camera. Beyond that, we both enjoy cycling (and, when in shape, running) and reading just about anything that someone has seen fit to print.

Once upon a time, I was a long-distance runner. For the past few years I have been carrying too much weight to pursue that interest, but I am in the process of getting down to “fighting weight”.

I am not in any way, shape or form associated with the radio show “The Jersey Guys” in Trenton, New Jersey. Not in any way. No, nein, non, nyet!


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